Friday January 04 2008 05:53:17 PM - Niedja Silva
I am hoping to see the wedding pictures. Are you going to place them in the website?
Have a great life together, love, laughter, peace, joy.

Monday December 03 2007 10:12:20 PM - Your ho
As usual, you showed us how to throw a party, and no one parties harder than you.

Bring back a little (little?) something for us (or just me) from Hawaii, yo.

Monday December 03 2007 03:53:14 PM - Flo and Chris Teh
It was a beautiful wedding. We, together with our children, esp Gillian had a really great time. Congratulations and best wishes to you.

Sunday December 02 2007 07:41:27 PM - Melissa
You both were superstars last night! You are a beautiful couple. Love and happiness forever & ever & ever & ever!

Have a blast in Hawaii! Stay out of trouble, partygirl!

(Caress the boob!)

Sunday December 02 2007 12:31:18 PM - rick

Sunday December 02 2007 12:56:02 AM - Michael and Tricia
Rob & Florence,

We just got home. Your wedding was a beautiful cerimony and we had a fantastic time at your reception. As we expected, the Nerds rocked the house.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

Michael & Tricia

Saturday December 01 2007 02:28:24 PM - Michael & Tricia
Yea!! The day is here. All the best of health and happyness for all of the future years. Best wishes from Michael & Tricia.

p.s. Lets party!!! Go Nerds!

Saturday December 01 2007 12:02:58 PM - Jose & Melissa
Church bells are ringing! Oh... that's the church around the corner and it's noon.

Can't believe the day is already here! We're ready to party!

Saturday December 01 2007 11:02:40 AM - Kevin & June
The day is finally here,
Time to adorn the wedding gear.
All the best to you both,
As you recite your eternal oaths.
May you both have a life of happiness and cheer.

Saturday November 24 2007 08:40:56 PM - Rick and Lisa
Florence and Rob,
I can't think of two people who are more perfect for each other. We wish you all the best in the deserve it. a shot for me at the reception.
Lisa and Rick

Thursday November 22 2007 01:15:51 AM - Ryan
Why do I feel like a spambot who's brimming with enthusiasm for this product called Enzyte?

Just kidding btw. Sarah's excited too. Shame we can't hang out before or after the wedding.

Tuesday November 20 2007 08:48:17 PM - Michael Brower
Hey Bobby (does anyone still call you that?), I cannot wait to see you and your family. It has been way too long, buddy!!! It looks like you finally cut that pony tail...congratulations! See you in 10 days!

Monday November 19 2007 09:25:20 PM - Ted @ Mary Kemps
Had I known you did bathrooms, I would have saved mine for you. You two are fantastic--and very photogenic--of course Florence more than you, Robert.
Fantastic web site. You certainly did something right at NJIT. We wish you all the goodness of God's creation. See you on the 30th.

PS. If your mom cook's Lebanese food, Robert, she can share recipe's with my wife.

Friday November 16 2007 10:20:25 PM - Ryan
Holy cow the big day is only 2 weeks away! It's like waiting for Starcraft 2 release or something!

Sunday November 11 2007 02:50:06 AM - Ferdie and Eloisa
Congratulation Florence and Robert and we wish you both the best in life and happiness forever, we are so happy that you found each other and decided to be together till the end.
God Bless and many more blessings to come.Best wishes..............Ferdie and Eloisa

Sunday November 04 2007 05:55:59 PM -
Dear Lorie,
Guess Who's this? Need a Clue? your cousin in Saudi arabia...Still thinking?...Well, its me,your KUYA JAKE!
I don't know what to say...But I was so shocked!And surprised!!!I know your really HAPPY!(as I saw in your albums.)Well, I want to cry now but,tears of JOY!coz now I know you've found someone(Robert) that meant for you and makes you very,very HAPPY!
I can't be there on your wedding(it's pretty obvious, I'm working in a very far place!)but I want you,both of you to know that I'm very HAPPY for you!
Best Wishes!Godbless!


just keep in touch...Love you,
From your KUYA JAKE

E-mail me thru this or Chat thru Yahoo messanger username:jakecoolit10

Friday October 19 2007 04:09:44 PM - Party Coordinator
Bow chicka bow wow...

Oh, nevermind, that's for *after*.

Sunday October 14 2007 09:33:21 AM - Jade Rango
Dear Robert and Florence:
I am so excited to share your day with you...How wonderful and exciting to see such a lovely young couple share love and faith in one another.

Congratulations and all the best of luck to you both.....


Sunday September 30 2007 06:34:42 PM - Frank & Mary Bautista
Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!!!

Saturday September 15 2007 01:16:38 PM - Niedja Silva
Dear Robert and Florence. I had the best time in my life on the last 10 years during a trip to New York with my close to my heart friend Maria. Robert was a great host and that's when I met you both. I am happy that you found each other. The website is beautiful.
I wish you joy and harmony, laughter and excitement.
"Get old together, the best is yet to come".

Tuesday September 04 2007 07:14:03 PM - Christina
beautiful website, beautiful couple-
I wish you both the best of everything in life together, always and forever! I can't wait to see pics from the wedding :)

Wednesday August 29 2007 02:44:44 PM - Marisha
Dear Florence and Robert,

Florence, we have been friends for so many years -- I can't believe we are so grown up already! I remember homeroom (all the last names that begin with 'C') like it was yesterday...even though sometimes it feels more like lifetimes ago. I remember when we were sewing dresses, taking honors classes together, and experiencing the growing pains of high school as best we could. Thank you for asking me to be your matron of honor -- it truly is an honor. We are going to have a great time in Vegas, may I add!

Robert, I look forward to getting to know you better but you are so lucky to have Florence in your life and I'm sure you will be such a wonderful husband to Flo.

See you all in December if not sooner!
Brooklyn, New York

Sunday August 26 2007 04:53:59 AM - Your Ate Deanna
Good day! Congrats and Best Wishes to you dear cousin Florence. GOD BLESS you and your husband-to-be, Robert, on your wedding and we wish you a very blessed, happy and long-lasting marriage with beautiful and intelligent children.

With much love and prayers from us,
Ate Deanna
Aunt Baby Santos
Kuya Waldy

Sunday August 19 2007 09:35:02 PM - Kayode G. aka "K"
Congratulations....What a lovely couple you are and I am looking forward to sharing your special day. Best Wishes!!!!

Sunday August 19 2007 06:01:29 AM - Ate Abbey
Congratulations Flo and Bobby! I may not be able to attend your wedding, but as your hearts are joined in wedded bliss, I'll be thinking about you and praying that all your dreams come true. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness. Always remember that wedding is much more than a promise fulfilled, or a vow of a future together, it's the beginning of a beautiful life shared by two. Love you both!

Friday August 17 2007 10:45:38 PM - Beth and Scott
Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Saturday August 11 2007 06:22:05 PM - Winnie
You should have a dance-off at the reception. First one to start breakdancing wins.

Domo arigato.

Thursday August 09 2007 09:55:03 PM - The Fosters
Robert and Florence,

Congratulations on your engagement. We are looking forward to sharing your special day. Vincent and I are thoroughly flattered on being involved with the traditional tasks you have requested of us. We all can't wait to see you and meeting Florence. Love you.

Sunday July 29 2007 09:05:16 AM - Your cousin Mary
Bobby, We are all looking so forward to sharing your special day with you and Florence. I am so happy for you that you have been blessed with finding your true love to spend your life with! Can't wait to finally meet Florence after all the great things we have heard about her! See you in November! (love the website)

Eric & Mary (and of course Frankie too!)

Saturday July 21 2007 07:01:01 PM - Regina B.
Florence and Robert,

ϲϲ ϲϲ ϲϲ
Congratulations! ϲϲ!
Best Wishes! ף!
Happiness! ףҸ!

Thursday July 19 2007 12:05:00 AM - Jose
You can lead the conga line but only the caboose can get loose.

Wednesday July 18 2007 08:47:32 PM - Florence
ROFL! You could soooo lead that one.

Wednesday July 18 2007 07:55:24 PM - Winnie
I have two words for you:

Electric. Slide.

Wednesday July 18 2007 05:18:11 PM - Nita
I am very happy for you Florence and Robert. I am truly grateful having you as my friends all these years:) The time has come to celebrate your union and I am looking forward for your wonderful wedding.

Wednesday July 18 2007 01:34:04 PM - Pinky

Friday July 06 2007 12:15:38 AM - Jose
So when shall we expect you two to rule the world?

Wednesday July 04 2007 06:52:35 PM - Aunt Nina
Best Wishes to you both. Looking forward to seeing you all at the wedding.
Aunt Nina

Wednesday July 04 2007 03:21:20 AM -
Hi Ate Florence! I am so happy for you. Best wishes!


Sunday June 17 2007 10:39:17 AM - Ryan Aggabao
Rob & Florence, I am very incredibly happy for you both for the upcoming nuptials, to see my good friends be happy together for the rest of your lives. I'm looking forward to going to your wedding & throwing rice & having Sarah blow bubbles this December. I guess I could quote several dozen sappy mushy 80's love songs here, but I think I'll just pick one:

"God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy" - Weather Girls

Gotta love these gay anthems. Congratulations to you both & I'll keep in touch.

Saturday June 16 2007 04:12:48 PM - Mom
There are many emotions that fill my heart at this moment, Robert. JOY as I reminisce the day you were born. PRIDE when I think about all you have accomplished. HAPPINESS that you have found true love with Florence. GRATITUDE above all else because I was blessed with a wonderful son like you. My love and the very best wishes to you both as you journey through this next chapter in your life. May the feeling of joy and love in both your hearts be endless and your good fortune countless.

Love you both,


Thursday June 14 2007 11:55:12 PM - Ate Rachel- N.Y.
Hi! Florence, thanks for the invitation. I'm glad to hear that you're getting married soon! Congratulations in advance and Best wishes to both of you. See you on December 1,2007. Take care and God bless :)

Love: Ate Rachel (New York)
E-mail ad:

Thursday June 14 2007 10:39:49 PM - John & Sheila Tawfik
Dear Florence and Robert,

Congratulations (or Mabrook) on your upcoming wedding day! John and I are truly grateful to have you guys around us. Florence, you are a truly great friend and we're looking forward to your special day. John and I will be moving soon to our new home. We'll definitely keep in touch. We wish both of you all the the love, happiness and best of luck in the future.

Thursday June 14 2007 09:12:48 AM - Jen
I'm so happy for you Flo and Rob! I wish you the best of luck and all the happiness you can dream of. There I said the mushy stuff that Winnie couldn't. :)

Wednesday June 13 2007 09:04:29 AM - Cousin NEIL (Dubai)
Congratulations and Best Wishes to both of you. Wishing you infinite happiness together.
Babies soon...

Good luck and God bless.


Monday June 11 2007 02:24:28 PM - Aunt Mona
CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing a very special couple the best as you begin another new chapter in Life! Wishing you a LIFETIME of Happiness together and being with both of you makes me smile also!
Love you both and also great website and please many more pictures!

Love Always,
Aunt Mona

Sunday June 10 2007 12:41:55 AM - Dave

Sunday June 10 2007 12:28:32 AM - Winnie
Congratulations, Flo and Rob! [Insert trite, cliched, mushy, happy sentiments that people normally leave in this kind of situation -- I'd try thinking up some, but who has time for that? Really, I just wanted to be on top.]

P.S. More pictures!

Friday June 08 2007 06:31:18 PM - Ryan C
Congrats you guys! Great job on the website too.

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